Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Religious experience is your own experience

Religious  experience  is  your own experience


( I  read it in a whatsapp posting.  I have borrowed the idea  and  summarised  it.My thanks to the  original author)

One young man  was getting trained  under a  great sage ,
But he   did not like his teacher and his method  of teaching,
And one day he decided   to go to some  other hermitage to get trained,
And that  day a young sage visited   them  and taught them  for two hours.

The young man as well   as many other   people   listened  to him carefully,
And   were attracted   by the  way that   young sage spoke  and at that time,
The young sage with great pride  asked the great sage , “how was my speech?”
And the old sage replied, “You had  not spoken  anything   so far,.”

The young sage  as well  as the young men of   the hermitage  were  really shocked,
And the great sage   told the young sage , “you did speak  of Vedas  and Sastras,
But I did not hear  a single word  from you regarding your own experience ,

And so I heard  the Vedas and Sasthras but not you” and all young men  decided to learn under the great sage.

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