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Garbage Truck -a story

Garbage  Truck  -a story

Rewritten by

(This story was posted by an anonymous friend as the one written by an anonymous friend  in Tamil in the face book. I rewrote  it and then just checked   on line and found that the story is available in . Fortunately I had used different  words and different format. My  bountiful thanks to    the author  AArush  Nandal . I also ask his pardon.After writing this I checked further and found the same story   in written by  D.J.Polly  ,My thanks to him also It is unfortunate  that , whether on line or whether  in face book  , we do not acknowledge   the source  so that people (are we carrying garbage)  think we   have done a great job.Have we?)

One   responsible   officer  who was well off,
Was one day travelling  in a Taxi to the   air port,
And when they were  travelling   a speeding car ,
Overtook  them  and almost hit them , but  ,
The Taxi driver   who seemed  to be an expert,
Applied   breaks   and saved   the officer’s life.

The driver of the speeding car   who over took them,
Got out of the car  , shouted  nasty  uncivilized  words,
For quite   some time   and went away but ,
The Taxi driver   did not utter  a single   word of protest,
But kept on looking   at him with a pleasing   smile.
And after  the speeding car  left them, the officer asked him,,
How come   you  did  not shout   at   that    rascal?

The taxi driver    replied , “That   car driver’s mind ,
Is like a  garbage truck  fully loaded  with    garbage ,
Like jealousy  , disappointments   and anger  and  over time,
That garbage  keeps onb accumulating   and they would  be waiting ,
For a place   to download   the garbage   from their mind.

When they    download   the garbages  in their mind on us,
WE should not take  is personally  but wave them off   with a smile,
So that   garbage    from their truck is not down loaded  in our mind,
And we in turn download it at home   or at an innocent customer like you.”
That officer understood what that  intelligent taxi driver was telling ,
That our life  is ten cent  of how   we  make it   and ninety  percent ,
Of how  we react to the   garbage   that is thrown at us off and on.

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