Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Reasonable expectations of a wife ? and husband’s opinion of those wants.

Reasonable expectations  of a wife ? and husband’s  opinion of those wants.


(  My face book friend Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan has posted 37 needs that wife will have  out of her husband . I would like to thank her  for the interesting post  .I have translated those 37    and have added  the possible reaction to her wants by her husband  .Hope you enjoy them.)

1.He should love me and like me. (Provided she loves me like that)
2.He should not  tell anything  that would wound my mind(depends on what she tells me)
3.He should not get angry(Do not do things which will make me angry)
4.He should not find fault   with my cooking(Cook well)
5.He should not shout at me  before others(Do not make me shout)
6.He should defend me under all  circumstances(I will to the maximum extent)
7, He should accompany me , for attending  important events (Provided I have time)
8.He should consult me before taking decision (Depends on what the decision is about)
9.He   should  patiently hear   when I talk.(Most of the time I do not hear what she says)
10.He should support  my opinion(If ever you have an opinion , I shall consider it)
11.He should find out and appreciate me  when I do  anything novel(Show them to me when  am in good mood)
12.He should consider  family and children more important than money(Without money, I cant make them happy)
13.Atleast once in a week , he should open up his mind and talk to me frankly(provided , she listens  to me )
14.He should take me out   at least once in a month (If it involves expenditure ,  give me time  to consider)
15.At least once in a year , he should take me to a tourist place( depends on how much I am able to save in a year)
16.When I talk about children’s education , he should listen with interest  (done)
17.He should not  hide anything from me (depends on the subject under consideration)
18.He should have faith in me (mutual  )
19 He  should tell me all important matters (all matters  relating to  home affairs and definitely not office matters)
20.He should not appreciate   any other lady in front of me (agreed)
21,He   should like me , even though others  are prettier( agreed)
22.He should realize that I too have problems like him.(grateful to know that you think I have problems)
23.When I am sick, he should be with me  and look after  me (Provided I get leave from office  )
24.He should fulfil all my small, small  wants. (If small means Diamond necklace, difficult)
25. He should do small, small  helps to me. (would try as I do not know cooking or looking after children)
26.If babies dirty themselves, he should not go away saying it is your child.(I will say our child definitely)
27.He should have same degree of affection to me as he has to his mother(If she has same degree affection to me as  her father)
28.He should take   timely  food(I am not a government official)
29.He should not bring guests without informing me in advance. (Would try my best)
30.He should inform me before going to any where (depends on where I go)
31.He should come back  in  time (time?)
32.He should worry about home also(Most of the time I am worried about home)
33.He should know  my date of birth ( I do not know my own date of birth  and refer to AAdhar card.)
34.He should know  my likes(Provided you tell about them, when I am in a mood)
35.He should not have bad habits like lying,  drinking  , affairs etc(agreeable?)
36.He should never find fault with my  family members(If reverse is observed , then yes)
37.He should give me pocket money.(what for?)


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