Sunday, August 6, 2017

You are the cause of your own sorrow

You are the cause of your own sorrow


(Based on the  d face book post of Mohan Krishnaswami.My acknowledgements   to him)

One person went and approached  the sage ,
And said , “ I am suffering greatly  due to sorrow.”
And the sage   told   him   a little    story,
“Once upon a time , a man  kept   a cat as his pet,
And he loved   his   pet  greatly   and one day,
That cat caught   a rat   and killed it  and man was happy,
Next day , it killed the pet parrot of the man  and he felt very sad,
And on the third day , it killed   some  bird, man was  not bothered,
And the man understood   that  his moods are not caused by the cat,
But   by  his own mind, which hated the rat , loved the parrot and not bothered  about some bird.”
The  message   reached the person  who understood  clearly,
That his being in prison of sorrow was due to  himself only.

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