Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The innocent boy and God Buffalo

The innocent boy and God Buffalo


(This is a folk tale , which i have heard in Kerala ,It  again tells us that  faith is most important  to see  God)

There   was a well  known great sage  ,
And a foolish boy became his   disciple ,
And the sage   and his   wife  made that boy,
Do all the menial  jobs  in their home.

Daily the boy used to request  the sage,
To teach him that  manthra   by chanting which,
He could   see  God in person, and the   sage,
Never used to that but make fun of  him.

One day  the sage had promised    to teach him ,
The manthra   the next day but when he approached,
HE simply chided   the boy  and called him “Buffalo”
And the innocent boy thought   that was the  manthra .

 He then Went to the forest and started  chanting “Buffalo, Buffalo”
And his devotion was so intense  that the Gods decided  to bless him,
And since no god had a buffalo form,  they sent  Lord Yama ,
Who rides  on a  Buffalo    to go  in front of to boy, along with his Buffalo .

Lord Yama   went to the boy  and blessedhim and asked him,
“I am God   and  have come before  you and  what boon do you want?”
And boy saluted God asked him to wait and ran to his guru   and told him,
“Sir , God Buffalo has   come before me , What boon should  I ask?”

The sage   thought that the foolish boy    was made   and told him,
“Oh is it so, ask him to remove half of my moustache  and also  ,
Make   the land surrounding  my house   in to a lake .”  and the boy ,
Ran back   and asked Lord Yama , the boon   that the sage wanted.

Lord Yama controlled his laughter , gave the boy  that boon,
And also gave him the   boon of wisdom, prosperity  and great luck,
The boy immediately became a wise  e rich man  , thanked God,
Went back and  saw that his Gurus house  was surrounded by lake ,
And he had  half moustache ad  the Guru  fell  at his feet and wept. 

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