Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ten commandments to senior citizens in making

Ten commandments   to   senior citizens in making

Translated  with minor changes

(I saw a Malayalam write  up about this . I do not agree  with many commandments  as these cannot be universal commandments   but  would make one think  before taking important decisions in life)

1.Nurture   your children well but give what you can to  other poor starving children
2.Do not live only for children but live for yourselves also.
3.Live  with family  and children as partner  and not as  the only provider
4.At no time give away all  that you have earned to your   children, wife and family
5.If children make you work for themselves , compel them to work for you also  including bank loans
6.Let not your love and hope  on children be   too much
7.Do not get imprisoned by family but live as a social being helping others
8.Draw  up an exact plan to  maintain your health , wealth   and family  in your old age
9.Do not believe in children  and leave your mother land   to settle abroad

10.Find and reserve time   to live for yourselves

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