Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Philosophy of life taught by our food

Philosophy of life taught  by our food


(It is only a rewriting  in my own style what I got  free  in Tamil through whatsapp .I thank the original author)

Defeat   is like asafoetida ,
It would be bitter  to taste,
But if mixed  in sambhar the victory,
It would   add    aroma   to it
(Without defeats victory is inspid)

Be  always  like a  pressure   cooker,
When pressure mounts ,
Celebrate  it  by whisting,
And let out   all pressure.
(Let out tension by celebrating)

Aim  in  our  life    as well   as ,
An egg    are   greatly   fragile,
Once it slips   it   breaks.
(Be stable   with your aims)

Laziness  is like   the stalk  of chillies
For  adding pungency, It   should  be nipped.
(Laziness should be nipped off for adding pungency to life)

Life   is complicated  like Idiyappam(rice noodles),
If  you add  the love   called coconut milk ,
Complications    would  indeed disappear
(Love   removes knots and complications)

Lie   is as slippery as   noodles,
But Truth    is   as stable as an Idli.
(Lies  give  temporary  victory only)

Anger  is   much more  like salt ,
When used in excess , life is not tastey.
(Too much anger  leads us no where)

Delayed   victory  is like fried  savouries,
WE   get   after   we loose our teeth ,
You cannot enjoy   what    you get.
(you should get everything in time )

Formula  for  self confidence ,
Is like   the recipes  we get for cooking,
Using them properly  is in your  hands.

(Achieving  victory by using  known methods  are in your hands)

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