Wednesday, August 9, 2017

He and she crossing the bridge

He and she crossing  the bridge


(based on the write up by Viswanath Das .My heart felt thanks to him and if you like this  thank him rather  than me)

He and she   were returning   from a stroll,
In the country side   full of hills and dales,
At a time   when evening fades   and  ,
The darkness  of night   started   rising.

They had to cross a   rope bridge  on the way,
And as it started  raining  he ran  and crossed  the bridge ,
And at that she reached   the  bridge and  due to darkness,
And torrential rain she   was   scared  to cross  the bridge  alone.

In the   streaks of lightning   she could see  him on the other shore ,
And  she  shouted   at the  top of her voice   for him to come back,
And help her   cross  that bridge , but he  did not even see at her ,
And with great scare   and  even great helplessness  she crossed the bridge.

While crossing she was sad  that  her companion  did not even do this small help,
And felt that   all men are   selfish brutes   who are   not bothered about their companions,
And when she reached   the end of the bridge she saw   that  the rope bridge had got cut off,
And he   was tightly   holding it with struggle   as well tears in his eyes   for her safety.

Some times  he  appears  to be a  silent brute  not bothered about  his family,
But when you go near  to him  and see  him   closely  , she will realise ,
That  he has dedicated  all his life for them   and  unable to  work  further ,
He  was  shedding silent tears because , he was  holding the bridge of life  so that  she can cross.

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