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Maha Periyava tells his angry devotee , “treat your wife well”

Maha Periyava tells  his  angry  devotee  , “treat  your wife well”

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(I was charmed by   the simplicity  of the story  and clear understanding of human problems by  Maha Periyava. This story was was posted in tamil by  Rajagopal srinivasan. Thanks to him)

One devotee  of Maha Periyavaa   went  before him,
Along  with his    wife   and submitted     to him,.
“My wife is always sick and always lying down.
Does not cook or look after   babies  and  I am in troble.”

Maha Periyava   smiled and told   that  devotee ,
Had you told  this to your friend, he will ask you to divorce her,
Had you told this to your family , they would have asked to marry again,
Had you asked the astrologer , he would   ask you to do worship  the planets,
Had you consulted a doctor, He would prescribe lot of medicine and make your purse empty,
And had you told any old lady, he   would have told   you that it is   due to black magic,.”

Maha  Periyava  continued , “Having come to me  , instead of asking me  what to do,
You were   shouting at her   and appeared  as if  you are   going   to beat her ,.”
When the devotee  lied and said  , “it was not like     that at all “,  the great one ,
Got angry and told him,  “Never ever come to see  me again and that  is your punishment.”

The devotee  got very much upset   and requested  Priyava’s  pardon  .
And promised  him  that he would look after   his wife  properly ,
And Periyava then consoled   him and directed   him to approach,
The Kottakkal  Arya  vaidya  Shala  and  that wife    recovered  fast.

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