Friday, August 11, 2017

Only good partners can build a good home

Only  good partners  can build a  good  home

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(I wrote this  based on  a  tamil write up in  face book by  Mohan Krishnaswamy.My thanks to him)

There was a  person who always   fought with his wife,
And he would    daily challenge   her, “One day ,manage my office,
Then only    you would realize  all my difficulties “ and one   day,
She lost her calm  and said , “OK”,  meanwhile you manage  our home   and see

So the next s day  , she went   to the  office  , instead of him,
And she saw   the office was was very dirty   and though   she was,
The wife of the owner  , she herself  swept  and cleaned the office,
Then she examined attendance register   and gave warning to all those   who were late.

She  managed  everything well and when she   was about to start home,
Her secretary reminded about the  daughter’s marriage   reception   of her manager,
She  art tended the marriage  ,  told convincing excuse  for her husband’s absence,
Gave suitable presents , took dinner with them , though all her thoughts was about her  home.

When she reached   her home  , her husband shouted her  , “Your children,
Are not human beings but monkeys . They do not obey me, they do not study at all.
When asked to eat, they do not eat, and I beat them black and blue  ,
And have made them sleep   in that corner  and alsoI have not eaten as I could not cook properly.”

The lady became very sad   that her husband has  needlessly   beaten her  kids,
Rushed to the bed room  , switched on the light   and asked   her husband,
“Why have you made this boy sleep here, he is the kid of neighbouring house”
And then he told, “Oh possibly that is why he was   crying loudly and  tried to run away.”

They both then understood  that without love, kindness   and efficiency,
Of a housewife  , house will not run   and the role of man in earning money was great.
And in these days when both of them are home makers and office workers ,
Unless  both of them understand each of them   are equal  in everything home will not run.

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