Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our blood seems to change, our vision

Our  blood seems to change, our   vision


(Not mine but based on a write up  in tamil  floating in Facebook  and Whatsapp,My thanks  to original author)

A wife  asked her husband    who has  just arrived ,
You went   to admit   your mother in the old age hone,
What happened ? My mother   was telling me  ,
That you are such a wonderful  person to obey me like that.

Husband replied , “ When I took   her there  I was deeply  worried,
That   my mother   would feel miserable  if she   does  not have a friend,
With whom she can talk in friendly manner but then my problem was solved,
Just now   your brother had come   to the same  old  age home  to admit  your mother,

The wife started  crying   and   shouting, “what type  of useless  coward ,
Is my brother  who  obeyed   his witch of a wife   and admitted  my mother there”
The husband  smiled   and then  told   his wife  , “Oh if I do it , I am golden,
But if your   brother  does it he is useless, if  u you do it  you are an angel,
But if  it is done by your sister in law, she is a horrible witch , Oh my darling.”

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