Friday, August 11, 2017

Guru shows the way to see God

Guru shows   the way to see  God

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(Based on a  meaningful face book post .My thanks to that author   who wrote it)

One  very learned person   went to a guru and told,
“I have learnt   several religions of  world  but ,
I am not knowing   which of them would lead me to God?”
And the  Guru took him     to the bank of a very big river.

Then Guru told him , “The answer   to your question ,
Is in the other shore   and so if you   want   to learn the answer,
Build a boat yourself   , go to the other   shore .”
And the learned person started   building boats.

The guru  pointed out  mistakes   and problems   in each boat he built,
And due to great anxiety   to know the answer , he did not  bother about them,
Took a boat   and reached    the other shore    and soon  he found,
That  there  is nothing or nobody in the  other shore  to give him the answer.

When he returned  back and shouted   at the Guru  , he replied,
“A little while ago  , you were greatly   enthused  to know the answer,
And did not  give any importance   to    the boat by which you travelled.
Just like that  all relegions would take you  to God, provided   you have enthusiasm”

Has it not been told   in our    great religion  that,
Just like   rain water   everywhere   reaches   the sea ultimately,
All   the religions   of the world    do lead   to Lord Kesava,
And I feel all  that you need is faith   and enthusiasm

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