Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Some truths which cannot be denied

Some  truths which cannot be denied

Selected   and translated 

(From the tamil post  of my friend  Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan. Thanks to  her)

1,In all homes where objections   are raised,
For   daughter in law     wearing   nighty,
The grand daughters     are wearing Leggings

2.Learn   how to look after   children from  them ,
Because they never  allow  their dolls to cry.

3.In a film when hero dances  with umpteen girls , it is opening song,
And in the same film, when the heroine   dances with umpteen boys , it is item song

4.All the girls get scared  on seeing cockroaches  and lizards,
But the   same  girl sleeps hugging a  teddy bear.

5,All of us change the  TV channel when advertaisement comes,
Then why is it , firms spend    so much money on TV advertisements.

6.All the time we save   by working all line,
Is spent on online itself

7,After starting  a quarrel saying that we did not talk with them,
Only a lady can punish you   by not talking with  you.

8.Long long ago those   who knew to speak ,Only in their mother toungue,
Used  to become jealous on those  who could speak  in English,
But nowadays those who can only speak in   english,
Are   jealous  on those   who speak in their mother toungue.

9.Seeing God  by paying money,
And then giving  money to God,

WE pray him   to give us money.

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