Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our phone is out of order

Our  phone is out of order


(It is not mine  but an anonymous person. I thank him)

One old  man carrying    his cell phone,
And his  wife    carrying another  ,
Reached    the    service  centre,
Which  repairs   their  brand  of phone.

The manger   took both the  phones,
And gave   it to their   service engineer ,
Who  checked   both   of them  for some time,
And told , “Granpa  , both   of them  are Okay.”

Then the old man   murmured    some thing .
IN the ears  of his    wife  whose  eyes  were  wet,
And told   the  engineer , “Then how   come son,

We both   are  not  able to hear the  phone  calls from our children in USA ?”

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