Saturday, July 28, 2018

Great prayer to my God

Great prayer   to  my God

(From a tamil prayer  )

Translated by

Even if income is less  , Oh my God ,  give me belly full of food
Even if life span is short , Oh my God , give me body without disease
Even if facilities are  less, Oh my God  , give  me loving   relations
Even if  relations are less , Oh my God, give me friends  who give their life to me
Even if my education is less  , Oh my God, Give me a job   with no need  for acting
Even if I have less wealth , Oh my God  , Give me a mind   full  with devotion,
Oh my God, Give me a feeling which considers pain of others as mine,
Even if I have  mountains of wealth, Ogh God, give me  a thought to give to others
Even if I have several supports, Oh my God , you only  become my life’s support

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