Friday, July 6, 2018

Mother vs wife –what does our epics say?

Mother  vs wife –what  does  our epics say?

Compiled  by  a confused

1.About  wife  Mahabharatha  says that

Na cha  Bharya  samam  kinchith  vidhyathe, BHishajaam matham,
Oushadham sarva  dukheshu, Sathyamedath  braveemi   they
Nothing   in the world   equals   wife  and doctor  opines,
She is the  medicine   for all sorrow, This is truth being told

2.About  mother  Mahabharatha   sats that

Mathraa  samo naasthi sareera  poshane  ,
Bharya samo nassthi  Sareera   doshane
Meaning ,
For nurturing   the  body , there is nothing like mother,
And for spoiling the body , there  is nothing like wife

Does  it mean  that  medicine spoils the body?

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