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Parlikkad Gramam

Parlikkad   Gramam 

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Location : near Vadakkancheri, Trichur District
This is a very small village near Vadakkancheri in Trichur district and had 15 iyer houses. This village had a temple of Bhagawati, Sivan and Krishna but not under the management of iyers. Though efforts were made to start a samooham, it did not take roots.
Swami Poornananda Theertha, and his two younger brothers, Swami Bhoomanada Theertha and Swami Purushottamanada belonged to the iyer community of this village. Their devotion to the cause of Hindu Religion as well as eruditeness in all religious matters made them very famous. Swami Bhoomananda is at present the president of an association in Kerala to protect Hindu Temples. This village also took very early to education under Nathan Master.Sri.P.K.Ramakrishnan  one of the first Indians to complete  Cost and Chatered accountancy  grew up in this village. I understand that there is a Krishna  temple here..The Vyasa ashram which was started by  Sri Poornantha Theertha and Sri Bhoomananda Theertha (both of whom poorvasrama  Brahmins) .This Ashram also runs Sri Vyasa  college  and an Ayurvedic hospital
   My maternal grand  father Sri Ayilur Naganathan  Parameswara Iyer   was living in this village  temporarily before 70 years.I was born in this village   at that time

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