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Some Kudhambai sidhar songs in english

Some Kudhambai sidhar  songs  in english

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Kuthambai Sidhar  is  one of  the 18 Sidhas  . It seems he was only son   to his parents and was brought  up  like a girl waering an ear globe(Kudhambai) .He is famous for his three lined   philosophical verses  , all addressed  as question   to a girl   called  Kudhambai.  It seems he attained  Maha  Samadhi in Mayiladuthurai  . Here    are translation  of some of his verses  in to english . His verses   are very difficult to translate     and what I have done  is only an attempt

1.To those who feel  that  all open  space  is theirs ,
Where  is the need   for proof of owner ship  ,
Of   some  piece of  land  , Oh Kuthamba

2.To the person   who only gets satisfied  the thing he produces ,
Where  is the need   for a  wish giving  tree , Oh Kuthamba

3.To the person  who always thinks  but never sees ,
Where  is the need  for  needless desire , Oh Kuthamba

4.To the person  who has  realized the  path of God ,
Where  is  the need to worry at all , Oh Kuthamba

5.To the person     who  knows the   truth of god well,
Where  is the need for arguments   and debates, Oh Kuthamba

6.To those  who do not sleep but always   think of God,
Where  is the need for a  seal of recobnition  , Oh Kuthamba

7.To those   who stands  before God worshipped  by Thanthra   methods ,
Where  is the need to known manthras to worship, Oh Kuthamba

8.To those  who are  immersed  in true  penance,
Where  is the need for  promotion  or recognition, Oh Kuthumba

9.To those who single mindedly  desire  and attain God ,
Where   is the  need   for disappointment , Oh Kuthumba

10.To those who have  merged   with the concept of the God,
Where is the need  to hear  any thing else  from others , Oh Kuthumba

11,To those   who  have realized God  and seen God’s  place,
Where is the need to see  the pleasures of this world, Og Kuthumba

12.To those   who have suffered  and realized   the true path to God,
Where  is the need  to enjoy  pleasures  of this world, Oh Kuthumba

13.To those   who go on their way  avoiding immortality ,
What is the   need for solitude which hels to see  the divine, Oh Kuthamba

14,To  those  who   are unable  to decide  on  need of salvation ,
Where  is the need  of THanthra   worship  , Oh Kuthanba

15.To  those wise people  who are  divinely happy,
Where is the need   to be worldly  wise , Oh Kuthamba

16.To those   who are  able   to  daily  worship God ,
Where  is the need for a certificate  , Oh Kuthamba

17.To this  temporary body   which  would start smelling ,
Where  is the need  of scent bottle  , Oh Kuthamba

18.To this   body   which has the magic of bad smell,
Where  is the need  of sweet smelling  incence, Oh Kuthamba

19.To  the  body to which no one applies the turmeric,
Where is need  of application of anything , Oh Kuthamba

20 To the body which shines  because of  silk and Gold,
Where  is the need  of anything  t make it shine internally, Oh Kuthamba

21.To the body with   evil  smell of  the stool ,
Where  is the  need of sweet  smell of flowers , Oh Kuthamba

22,To  the body which  in infected by worms  due  to evil habits,
Where   is the need   for  bathing  it, Oh Kuthamba

23.To the    body which would be eaten by  crows and hawks,
Where   is the need for a vehicle to carry it, Oh Kuthamba

24.To the body which is going to be burnt with loin cloth  ,
What  is the need   for decorating with   dlowers, Oh Kuthamba

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