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Guru , learning and knowledge in our country

Guru  , learning and knowledge  in our country

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The process of learning  in our country  is given in this sloka

Acharya  padham aadathe,
Padham sishya   swamedhayaa,
Sa brahmacharibhya paadham,
Paadham kala kramena cha

We get quarter of our knowledge  from teacher  ,
We learn quarter   of it ourselves,
WE get quarter of it  by disciplined life ,
And the quarter by experience over time.

   This clearly tells  us we get  only a fraction of learning   from our teacher. How to get it from the teacher In olden times  , it was got by serving him, because he is the teacher   and the school  rolled in to one.Since there  was nothing like school fees, we can get  it from him only by serving him says this sloka

Guru  Susrushayaa  Vidhyaa ,
Pushkalena  Dhanena vaa,
Adhvaa  vidhyayaa vidhyaa,
Chathurtheno upalabhyathe

The knowledge  got by serving Guru .
Leads    to excellence    and riches,
Otherwise we get a quarter  of.
Knowledge of knowledge

Before proceeding further   we have  to understand   the origin and real  meaning  of the workd “Guru”  .This sloka clearly explains it.

Gu sabdasthu   andha karasthyaath,
Ru sabdastha nirodhaka,
Andhakara  nirodhithwaath,
Guru rithyabheedheeyathe

The letter  “Gu”  may be darkness,
And letter “ru” is the one which brightens it,
And because  he prevents darkness  in us,
He is called  “Guru”

Wherefrom comes this darkness .THis is explained by this sloka

Ajnana  thimira andhasya
Jnanajnana  salaakayaa,
Chakshur unmeelitham yena,
Thasmai sri Gurave  nama

He who opens   the eyes of a person ,
Blinded  by  the cataract of darkness,
And  makes his eyes see   everything,
Is the Guru and so salutations   to him

THis sloka further clarifies what has been told. An intelligent person shines   in presence of Guru.

Ravi sannidhi mathrena,
Surya kantha  prakasayeth,
Guru sannidhi mathrena,
Sishya jnanam prakasayeth

In the presence of Sun ,
Sun flower would shine,
In the presence  Of Guru ,
Intelligent  of student   will shine

This sloka again clarifies the need to keep the Guru pleased

Gurur pithaa , Gurur mathaa,
Gurur devo , gurur  gathi,
Shive rushte guru sthraathaa,
Guruou rushtena  kaschana

Father is guru, mother is Guru,
God is Guru, our path is Guru,
If Lord Shiva  gets angry with you  ,
The Guru saves us but if Guru is angry?

THis tells us that thiough  parents are to be worshipped ,since the Guru  teaches us  how to differentiate between Dharma   and Adharma , he merits  special worship

Janma hethu  hi pitharou,
Poojaneeyou prayathnatha,
Guru viseshatha  poojyo  ,
Dharamaa  adharma  pradarshaka

We should make   efforts to worship,
Our parents who are the cause of our birth,
We have to specially   worship our teacher,
Who tells us what is Dharma   and what is not

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