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Ramanathapuram gramam of Palakkad

Ramanathapuram gramam of Palakkad

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This is one of those 18 gramams of Palakkad town. There were about 80 houses in earlier days. Here there were several temples under the management of Kerala Iyers. At the entrance of the village is a Maha Ganapathy temple, followed by Lakshmi Narayana  SWamy   temple housing a prathishta of Dharma Shasta also in addition to the main deity and a Kasi Viswanatha Temple that has a bana Lingam. In earlier days there was a very famous mantravadi called as Adinarayana Iyer who attained considerable fame. There was also a famous Vedic scholar called Jadavallaba Chellappa Ganapathigal. There were several musicians like Narayana Bhagavatar and great cooks like Anantha Raman and Devaraja Iyer. The Pickle king of the earlier days who popularized the instant mixes in Tamil Nadu and supplied them all over the world, Mr. R.S.Ganapathy belonged to this village. There was a sanyasi madam in this village built by Swami Sadbhavananda who belonged to this village. This madam is at present used by the priests of the temples.
  There is a Swami Chadrashekra SAraswathi Sankaracharya   Veda Pata  Sala in this village founded by  Dr.Sri C.R.SWaminathan of the Chathapuram village. This was established in the tear 1996 and was inaugurated by late Sri Jayendra Saraswathi  Swamigal. Yajur ,Rig and Samaveda   are being taught to the students here , There is a  Indological library  associated with the Guru KUlam

Late Shri.Dharmayagna G Subramania Vadhyar and his brother Late Shri.Dharmayagna G Rasu Vadhyar were reputed pandits and were consulted by one and all for the various doubts on shaastra and vedas. They were quite reputed and have conducted Maharudhrams and Athirudhrams and had close interaction with the then Kanchi Swamigal Late Shri.Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi.
Late Shri Subramania Vadhyar lived for 101 years and the village had the opportunity to witness the rare occassion of performing Poornabhisekham and Kanakabhishekam (when the fourth generation grandchild was born). To witness these functions, people from all over Palakkad attended and this was also reported in Mathrabhumi paper.

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