Saturday, July 14, 2018

Party for getting rid of an old man

Party   for getting rid  of an old man


(Not truth but based on some slightly different  incident in face book, It could happen !)
One railway  porter saw an old  man  sitting on the bench.
In the morning  and later   again after   two hours,
He  thought   that  may be the  old man has  missed his train,
And when he asked him  that  old man  told  that he  had not

Another  six  hours later  the same  porter saw the same old  man,
Sitting on the bench  and he   went and asked  him , whether he can help,
And the old man said, “My son brought me here   today morning ,
And he told me, he has some  work  and asked me to sit here.”

“And I am waiting   for him since then  and now  I am little  worried.
Whether   any thing has happened to my son, Can you help me”
The porter   escorted    the old man to  the “May I help you desk?”
And the weeping old man told them   what has  happened to him.

They asked  him the name of his son  and where he works  ,
He told him his name but said he  did  not know his office name,
They asked him his address  , he said he did   not know,
Because only  last week they had shifted but  he told that locality

When May  I help you  was about to  contact  the police ,
One person in the crowd   said he knew   that this old man,
Shifted to his street  one week before   and knew  his house,
And they reported to police  and they  took the old man there.

The old man was only worried   about  his son and not himself,
And when they  knocked  the house  of his son, they could,
See some celebration was going on and some one  opened the door,
And he told that they were having party, for getting rid of the old man of the house.

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