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Sarvam Bala Kishora Krishna arpanam

Sarvam Bala  Kishora  Krishna arpanam


Translated   and rewritten by

   (I read it in a much detailed  and sentimental prose form in Tamil .I read it  and some thing happened  to me .My trial to rewrite it in english )

The priest  who was  devoted to his Krishna,
Was taken aback daily   seeing   some cow dung ,
Sticking  to  the ears his God  though   he kept him very clean,
And closed   the temple   doors  safely   and tightly.

Daily  he used   to cry   to his lord   and ask him,
“Oh  God , I do not know   who does   this  ,
Can you  not  help me   to catch  this rascal.”
And he felt  as if his Krishna was smiling and nodding  his head.

After that  as usual   lot of devotees  started   coming,
And as usual  one old , thin and haggard  lady  had also come ,
She sat  in front  of  idol of  Krishna   with tears of joy ,
Flowing from her eyes  and the priest  liked  her very much.

He asked her  “grandma, what did you   ask  your god today?”
She said , “My Krishna  ate lot of butter  yesterday  and I was ,
Praying   that all   the butter  he ate   should   get digested.”
Priest laughed and asked ”What did you ask for yourself?’

That old lady replied ,” I do not need anything    and  I am seeing,
That   every minute  some devotee  comes   and asks something ,
And my Krishna  is lifting   his right hand and blessing them,
So that  they would get , what they want. Will not  his right hand pain?”

“His hands  must be already paining  by driving chariot to Arjuna,
And giving endless  Saris to Panchali and by holding   his flute  ,
Near  his mouth and playing  it to please   the Gopis and  .
None of these ever flowing  devotees with wants   think about it.”

“Because of this  , I never ask him anything for   myself , because,
Again he will lift his right hand  and  I do not want to cause  him pain.”
The priest was  amazed  at the devotion  of this   great  old lady,
And cursed  that  good for nothing  who applied  cow dung  on ears  of the lord.

That night  Lord Krishna  came  in the   dream of the  priest and told  him,
“Hey priest  , the cow dung on my ears   to me  is much more   dear  to me  than,
The sandal  paste that you apply, and I will show    you  why   and he took ,
The soul of the priest   to the kitchen   of that  old lady  devotee of his.

The old lady had not slept and was   cleaning   the house   and later ,
She  cleaned  her mud stove   with cow dung and   little  of it  ,
Was sticking in her hand  and she said, “Sarvam  Bala kishora  ,
Krishna  arpanam*” and threw  that  cow dung  threw the window.
                    *Everything is given to that  child Krishna

The priest  was surprised to see  that the cow dung flew  in the air,
Reached the temple  whose   doors got open to receive it  ,
And stuck to the  ear of the lord and  the voice  of the old  lady,
Came and told her baby Krishna  to cover himself up  and sleep peacefully.

Next day morning she woke up early , warmed up   some water   and told ,
“Baby , it is cold , take this warm water to wash your face  “ and she   started  her Rangoli  and said,
“Hey Krishna , do you like my Rangoli for you , after   finishing   it , I will  prepare ,
Great break fast   for  you and of course  I will add  some butter  and give you little hot butter milk.”

The priest  suddenly woke up, felt as  if his devotion    to the  Lord  Krishna ,
Was nothing before  the old woman to whom , the Lord  was  her baby ,
And  all that   she does   all the  twenty four hours  was  not her   work ,
But  the work being   done for her baby  Krishna, and  then  that cowdung appeared like gold to him.

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