Thursday, July 5, 2018

Those were the days when food was drenched in love

Those    were the days   when food was drenched in love


(Based on a tamil post by my friend Sri Rajagopal    srinivasan  ,My thanks to him  as mind went  sixty years back.)

Those  were   the days   when  our mother,
After   taking bath early   in the morning  ,
Cooked  the rice in fire    wood stove  ,
With  the wood  turning to embers   and smoke.

With   her  eyes burning   she used to  put  her ladle ,
In the blackened   vessel , when  water  in it boils   up and down,
To  see  whether  the rice has  boiled  properly  and then ,
Tie the vessel   with  a cloth and turn it so that the thickened water is strained.

When that  nectar  of cooked  rice   with steam coming out,
Is put  on the banana leaf, the sweet smell  coming out of that,
Would  induce you  not to wait    even for a minute  ,
And make you  gobble   that rice  up, as if it  was nectar  and honey.

Those days the love and hard labour  of the mother
Made our food in to nectar as there   was no pride but love in it.
But today , there is no stove   and the food   that we eat is cooked in pride
And we  gobble it up  not bothered   about its taste and run.

Run to the office or school , to toil like   machines  ,
In this world of  loveless  robots   and to show  others ,
That we are great , we keep on swallowing  the  poisons ,
Called Pizza   and burger, which make our mind and body sick.

When we   are lying  in the sick bed      we think of   our mother,
Who tucked her neat sari in her waist , ground   the masalas  in flat and round stones,
Put that mixture in our dishes  at proper time , added the  just needed salt,
Examined whether everything is properly cooked  and served to us  with concern.

But today  the busy home makers buy ready ground Masalas,
Cook in non stick vessel , decide that food is ready  by the  number of whistles heard,
And  ask every one    to gobble   up  the so called   food with love missing,
With taste missing , with health missing , leading  us all  to sick beds.

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