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Melarkode is located about 30kms from Palakkad town. It consists of three villages viz., the South Village, North Village and Chattuvakode. The villagers believe that  they have  migrated from  THirunelveli   and Thakazhi. The north and south villages each have a ganapathy temple and the chattuvakode village has a shiva temple. The prathista in the chattuvakode Siva temple is “swayamboo”. There are approximately 70-80 houses in the three villages combined. Melarkode was originally known as Mayilattoor (people of older generation still refer to this place by the latter name), probably because dancing (attam) peacocks (mayil) were a common sight here. One can still spot some peacocks in the hills adjoining our village.
In North Village, “Utsavam” is celebrated every year during the month of May. It is a week long event whose major attactions are the Panchavadyam Ezhunnallathu and Aarattu on the final day.
Natives of this village, spread all over India make it a point to be home during this time of the year.
   Melarcode is the home of  Sri.M.N.Ramaswamy  Iyer who were  initially bankers  in the village and leter shifted  to Madras.Apart from Banking business , they  did the jonb of publishingValmiki Ramayanam, BHagawatham and Narayaneeyam  with meaning, long long time back.Most of these  books were  sold by personal   visit and marketing   to all his clients and to all  his friends  by   Sri.M.N.Ramaswamy iyer himself. His grand sons  have established   a publishing company called  Sriram Publishers

Melarcode has a very good cultural background. Melarcode has produced many fine artists in the field of Devotional Music like Melarcode Ravi Bhagavathar, Melarcode Vaithy Bhagavathar , Melarcode sisters etc.

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