Thursday, July 12, 2018

Summary of Bhagawad Gita

Summary of  Bhagawad Gita

A learned man

“Leave  , tie,
If not, tie , leave”

(I am sure   you have not understood.My friend  Rajagopalan Srinivasan    has written about it in Tamil .With acknowledgements to him , I am rewriting it in english)

I asked the    author of this  summary ,
Can you please   explain  what it means?”
He said  “Simple  , leave  out  ties of all your attachments,
And  then tie   yourself    to the feet  of the lord”

I  said , “impracticable , how do I,
Leave  out  all my     attachments?”
Then he told    then tie  yourself,
To his feet, all  your ties    would leave.”

I said , “How can one tie  , make another tie go?”
And He said ,”If a bundle  of sticks  is tied well,
And you make another   very tight    tie,
The first tie   would  definitely   fall out”

So Gita says  “Tie yourself   to the feet of lord,
As tightly as  possible   and then all   the ties,
That you have   due to deires, pride  , anger,
And Jealousy   would fall out without any doubt”

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