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A birthday wish in the form of a Rig Veda blessing

A birthday   wish in the form of a Rig Veda blessing

Given with approximate meaning by

Request  the birthday person  to light a lamp and pease  recite  this blessing  from Rig Veda on  his/her   birthday . The meaning is given in a simple form to   suit the  present days  , so that , the birthday boy/girl will uunderstand. You can even read  only   the english blessing

सुकल्प  - दीर्घायुष्मान भव ____________(name of   the  birthday  boy/girl)

शतं जीव शरदो वर्धमानः शतं हेमन्ताञ्छतमु वसन्तान्
शतमिन्द्राग्नि सविता बृहस्पतिः शतायुषा हविषेमं पुनर्दुः ll 

Om Deerga ayushman bhava ___________

Om shatam jeeva sharado vardhamaanah shatam hemanta satham  vasantaan l
Shatam indraagni savitaa bruhaspatih satha ayusha haviShemam punarduh ll

Om  live for  long years______________________

Live   with increasing prosperity   for  one  hundred autumns ,
One hundred  winters    and one   hundred    summers    and let  ,
Indra, Agni  , Sun  , Brahaspathi   grant   you   hundred years  ,
 Which are   filled   with material, intellectual and spiritual successs  again and again.

साग्रं वर्षशतं जीव, पिब, खाद मोद
आयुर्बलं यशः प्रज्ञां प्राप्तुयाः शुभसम्पदाम् ll 

saagram varSha shatam jeeva piba khaada cha modha cha l
aayurbalam yashah prajnaam praaptuyaah shubhasampadaam ll

In  this whole life   of hundred  years which are  allotted to you  , ive, drink, eat    and be  happy,
Get   strength  of life, get fame   and become wise  along with  wealth earned well.

इन्द्र श्रेष्ठानि द्रविणानी धेहि चित्तीं दक्षस्य सुभगत्वमस्म
पोषं रयीणामरिष्टिं तनूना स्वाद्मानं वाचः सुदिनत्वमहनाम् ll 

Indra shreShThaani draviNaanee dhehi chitteem dakShasya subhagatvamasma l
poSham rayeeNaamariShTim tanoonaa svaadmaanam vaachah sudinatvamahanaam ll

Oh Indra  give him wealth  ,knowledge   , strength   as well  as courage.
Grant him alertness, caution, fortune, boundless  prosperity,
Good health , life free   from obstacles and sweet voice ,
May every day of this   person be auspicious and prosperous.

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