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Curious little daughter- My reason for working night shift

Curious little daughter- My reason  for working  night shift

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(This is based  on a   good write  up by my scholarly   face book friend  Vasu Iyengar . I believe   that  intelligence   has  three  top ingredients- Curiosity , memory   and power of  understanding .None of   us can   become intelligent  unless  we are curious.  If you a curious daughter  like this    and discourage  her from being curious , she would not   become  intelligent  Fortunately  the mothers of all children know this   and  whatever may be the troubles that have to undergo, they will  never discourage a child   from being curious.)

My Little daughter came   to meet me, before I slept ,
And asked me  .”Daddy  , why are  mosquitoes  biting  only at night?”
And she also wanted   to know   ,”when those  poor ones will sleep?”
And I said, “They will sleep when they feel sleepy?”

My daughter    then asked “I sleep   when it is night,
But when will  these poor mosquitoes    sleep,?”
I said,  “they will  sleep when they take  their food.”
And she told  “Mummy told   it does  not eat our food.”

I yawned  but my little one said  , “Daddy , one more question?”
“Where   is the home  of  the poor    little  mosquito?”
I said , “It does  not have a  home  because  it is too small”
And then she asked “I too am small but I have a house”

Then I said to her , “This home   was built  by your daddy.”
And then my baby’s   face brightened   and she   asked,
“Oh  Does it mean that  mosquito   does not have  daddy and mummy?”
And then I told her.”It has   but they too are small  and do not have a house.”

Then  she asked , “Who decided   to call it a  mosquito?”
And I told “God” and she asked , “Will mosquito   bite  God?”
I said , “No,  they would not? “ and she asked “Why?”.
I said , “God is big, he will beat   it  , if it bites  him.”

Then she asked  “Does it mean, God   is a  bad person?
I got wild , “ofcourse he is good.”  And she asked,
“Why  did such a big God   then beat  such a small mosquito”
I said, “I am feeling sleepy , Why are you not sleeping now?”

“Daddy  , please, few more   doubts  please, Why is  it biting us?”
I was  about to cry  and said ,  “ It is   feeling   Hungry.”
She asked “Will it eat idli , I do not like  it and I will give it mine.”
I said, “It does  not  idli”  and she asked, “Is it because  it is hot , will it drink cold  Lassi?”

I shouted   at her  , “Shut   your   mouth   and sleep.”  And she ,
Raised her  little finger   and asked  , “Daddy , ony one  more question?”
I  said , “Okay”  and she asked  “Does   it have   teeth?”
And I said “No”  and she asked, “Then how  can it bite?”

I became terribly  angry and said  , “Unless  you close  your mouth,
I will   give it to a  ghost?”  and she wanted to know  “ Will,
Mosquito bite the  Ghost  ?  Or will  Ghost bite mosquito”
I shouted  and called my wife  and ordered her  to take  care of my daughter.”

She asked , “Why ? I have  work to do in the  kitchen   and cannot  you,
Take care  of this darling    and answer    her   very simple Questions?”
And I told my wife  , “tomorrow  onwards  I am   asking my boss ,
To shift me    to the night shift  , otherwise  I will become mad.”

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