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Darling Radha’s puzzling replies

Darling Radha’s puzzling  replies

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(This  verse  in Sanskrit with Tamil   commentary   was posted by my scholarly   friend  Sri Vasi Iyengar . Having enjoyed it , I thought I will make an attempt to take it   to those   who do not know Tamil.Thanks my friend)

Once  Lord Krishna   went to  see  his darling  Radha ,
And unfortunately    the   door to her  house   was bolted,
And  Lord Krishna   knocked   at her   door with impatience ,
And Radha came   to the door and asked”Who is is please?”
Lord Krishna   replied , “Hari”  and since “Hari”   also meant monkey,
She asked  “What does  Hari want to do here? Go to the garden ”
Lord Krishna  became   impatient   and said, “Darling  , It is  Krishna”
Since Krishna   also means black she said, “I am scared of Black monkeys calling me darling ”
By this time  Lord Krishna    did not know   what to do and said,
“Dear  pearl , do you not know  , I am Madhu sudana” and Radha .
Instead  of taking it as  killer of Madhu , took it as “One who drinks  honey”,
And so advised him  “Climbing plants  have  flowrs  with honey , go there”
And Lord Krishna   became   speechless , by the  replies  of his dear one 
 And let that  helpless God  protect us.

(Based  on Sanskrit sloka

KOyam dwari? Hari , prahyupavanam  saakamrukasyathra  kim,
Krishnoham,  Dayithe  , Pibemi   sutharaam   Krishnadaham  Vanaraath,
Muktheham  Madhu sudana  , pibalathaam  thaameva thanveem ale  ,
Itham   nirvananikrutho  dhayi dhayaa   Hreetho Pathu va.

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