Friday, April 20, 2018

The joy of giving

The  joy  of giving


(Based on a face book Tamil post  , posted  by very many people .I  want to thank the  original author.)

Once  when I was studying  in college  ,
My father   took me   to see a   famous circus,
And we   were  waiting  in the queue ,
To buy  the  ticket   to witness  the show

One  man was   standing  in front of us,
And along him were   eight   kids  ,
All of them   below    the age  of twelve,
Their dress  was clean  but poor

They were all of them eagerly   waiting ,
To see  the circus  and  the eldest  ,’
Was telling them  about  what all,
Wonderful animals   and tricks they will see.

The lady   at the counter   asked   him,
How many tickets   they want  and ,
He told her  , two adults and eight children,
And she told  him the amount  that was needed.

He was shocked   as he did  not have that much,
But he asked   his wife to take   the children,
And said soon he would   come  with the ticket,
And my father  was   also  seeing all  this.

He then  dropped   the hundred rupee note,
He had on the floor and took it  and asked   that man,
“This note has fallen  from your pocket  sir”
And that man immediately   uns dertood my father .

He said   with tears   dropping from his eyes  on the note,
“Sir  , I cannot tell you   the value of this  note to me now,
And Millions  of thanks   to you “ and took the note  from my father ,
Purchased   the tickets    and went to witness  the circus

WE  both   did not have   any other  money with us ,
And returned  home   with   mind   filled with joy,
And  felt  million times  more happy  than seeing the circus,
And thus my father  taught me, the  joy in helping others

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