Saturday, April 21, 2018

An unsocial old man alone in his home.

An unsocial old  man alone in his home.


He   was   a very old man of   very  unsocial type ,
And he   did not have  any friends  to talk ,
And he spent   all his time  in  reading,
And writing  in the  computer but never talked.

She     too was  old,  more   social than him,
But   she spent all  her time in,
Learning to sing   prayers, going to temples, 
Cooking and various   other handicrafts.

She   wanted   to attend  a marriage ,
And he said  , Okay you do go  ,
AS I am not   interested  in ,
Meeting people   and wasting my time there.

She asked  him,”how will you manage ?”
And the reply   was a sarcastic laugh   from him,
And he told her  .” I know how   to cook,
And   even if you are  here, I rarely talk  with you.

She   did go   for a few   days  and  on the first day,
He did not feel   her absence    at all  but the next day.
He felt , he was  missing  her  and the  third day,
He felt   miserable    without   her in the home

When she returned  , with sincerity   he told her.
“I missed   you a lot “  but then she laughed at him and told ,
“You know  how to cook   and you  do not like to talk,
And how did you miss me  “ and he   said  ,
“Without   you I felt   our  home was a vacuam”

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