Saturday, April 14, 2018

About husbands and wives

About   husbands and wives

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(A great  post by Sri Murali  Venkatraman  in face book,THanks to him)

Do  not refuse  to go with wife  , wherever she calls:-

One  lady   went for shopping and at the time of billing  ,
Shop owner was   surprised   to see  TV   remote in her bad,
And  when he asked  the reason , she told  , my husband ,
Refused  to come   to shopping   along with me   and   so,
I brought the remote  , so that  he cannot  watch  the cricket match

Oh wives  learn to   respect your husband’s wishes  also:-

The shop owner   then took back   all   the  things she purchased  ,
And when asked why  , he told, “your credit card has been blockedby your husband

Do not under estimate  the intelligence of your wife”:-

Then the girl took    her husband’s   debit card  and gave ,
With a sneer  to the shop keeper   , as it was not blocked  

Husband’s  are  technically  superior  and machines  help them:-

When the shop keeper    swiped   the debit card , it said,
A one time pass word has been sent to your cell phone.

Husbands may tease their wives   but never trouble them:-

The wife with tears in her eyes   was  about   to return,
And suddenly  her husband  sent the one time pass word ,
Which he has received to her  and  she went inside ,
And purchased all   that  he   wanted  and returned home

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