Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Please Doctor , do not become rich by making me poor

Please Doctor  , do not become  rich by making me poor


(Based  on an old post in Tamil made by Pattabiraman Sampath .My thanks  to him.)

One patient    entered     a doctor’s room,
And the doctor asked    him “What is your problem?”
And the patient   told, “I would tell you about that   but before that,
You have  to read , what I have written in this  paper.”

“But before   you read  I have humble request to you,
If you have high BP ,keep  one tablet   to reduce it “,
The Doctor laughed,  and   told the patient  ,
“Okay I will read  it though I do not understand  about  the BP”

The  patient had  written:-

I know    your consultation   fees  is rupees   two hundred,
If you do not  prescribe  needless  tests   and do not  insist,
That I have to get them only  . in the  lab  that you  choose ,
I am willing    to pay you   a consultation  fee of  rupees five hundred

Please    do not recommend me to get   admitted   in hospital,
Unless  there  is a need   and I would give   you a fee  ,
Of rupees  of two thousand rupees , if you do not insist on
Admission   in the   five   star  hospital    of your   choice.

WE realise  doctor   that  you have    spent lots of money,
To study and  though   you are   are also a  honest person like me,
You feel that , not only you should get back the  money you spent,
But also get sufficient money so that your son can be educated.

People like  us doctor    are   from the    lower middle class,
And though   health is important to us  , we cannot   spend  ,
All we have ,  needlessly and unnecessarily   on it  ,
And unless    you make us    spend needlessly  , you will not become rich

So unless   you take an oath, on  your God , on your parents  ,
Your wife   and children  , that  you would  prescribe treatment to me   .
Honestly  and without bothering    about your income ,
Then    only   I am interested   in getting treatment from you.

Doctor did go in search   of the   BP   tablet

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