Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dig in the same place again and again to get water

Dig in the same  place  again  and again  to get water


(Based on what   I read   recently  .Unfortunately  I do not know the author  of that peace . My thanks    to him.)

There   was  a great  devotee  of  God  Rama   ,
Who used   to worship   Lord Rama  always,
And who used   to  go to the temple of Rama always ,
Though  he believed in all   Gods     equally.

One day  he went    to his friend’s home  ,
His    wife told that,he was worshipping  Lord Krishna,
He then dug  a hole  of one   feet deep, in  front of his house
Waited   for some time    and returned  back

Next day , his friend   was  doing   a Yaga
He  dug another  hole of one feet  and came back,
Next day his  friend was  sri chakra  pooja,
He dug   another   hole  of one feet  and came back

Like this   it went   on for  more   than a year ,
And whenever  he went  his friend was  doing  a different  type of  worship,
And every time   the friend   dug  a hole  of one feet  and returned,
And one day    the friend   came out of his   house,

He was surprised   to   see  several  holes  of one feet deep,
And he thought  , what a  fool he  is , had he dug  at the same place ,
He would   have   atleast  Got   water  to drink,
And  the  friend who dug    the holes  smiled  and  said ,
“My friend  , you too would  have  seen God  ,
Had   you   done  the same    worship  with faith  ,
Again and again instead  of daily  changing  your form of worship.”

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