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Father who was the greatest mother

Father  who was the  greatest mother

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(I do not  know who wrote the original   but i read it in Tamil  , poster by my friend  Karikudi Mani Bhagawathar . It simply jerked me   in to tears.God bless the original author  , Ganga Ram   the Gardener  and  his daughter) 

Ganga Ram   the school gardener, as usual,
Was tending his garden and a peon came there,
And told him, “Ganga Ram, you are   being,
Called by the Head mistress urgently.

Poor Ganga Ram left the job there,
Perspiring all   over and shivering,
From head   to foot and almost ran   and reached.
The chamber   of the head mistress of the school.

He was an extremely sincere worker and the whole town,
Used to tell that no one can maintain garden like Ganga Ram,
And he saw that    the head mistress   was very serious,
And she called him in, showed a paper and told him to read it

With Tears in his eyes Ganga Ram told   her,
“Madam, I am illiterate and how can I read it?’
And then the Head mistress    summoned   a teacher,
And requested her to read the letter that was written in English

The teacher knew Ganga Ram     did not know   English,
And so she explained what is written there   to him.
She first told him that it was written by his daughter,
Who was   studying   in her class and was  addressed to the Head mistress?

The little one wrote, “Since my mother died at child birth,
It was not she who held me first   but my   dearest father.
He was from a village family   which was   considered rich,
And all his family members   including his   parents wanted him to marry again.

Then they threatened him that he would be banished   from their family,
But this did not bother him at all   and one day he left his very dear   village,
And   settled down in this city and right from that day, worked day and night,
So that I could be nurtured properly and there were days when he did not have any food.

If he ever saw me liking any food, he would tell me    that he does not  like it at all.
And made me   eat every morsel of that food and I understood why, only when I grew up,
He sacrificed all his needs   and all his wants so that I get everything that is the best,
And this school gave him a job and also helped   me by admitting me, in this great school.

If mother is love and hugging, my father   had much more of those,
If my mother would sacrifice, my father had sacrificed much more,
If my mother is a picture of mercy, my father is a treasure of mercy,
To summarise if mother is my mother, my father too is my great mother

On this mother’s day, I would like     to greet my   father   ,
Because, he is the    greatest mother in this   world,
I would like to salute the Gardner of this    great school,
And tell all of you   that he is my mother as well as father.

I am sure my teacher   would not give me marks to this essay,
Which was   written by the pen of affection using my blood and tears as ink?
But I consider that this is the greatest gift   that I can ever give,
To my father, who is the most selfless and affectionate mother, I could have.

The entire hall was   silent    except for the sobbing   sound of Ganga Ram,
Possibly no heat of the sun could make his cloths wet   with his sweat,
But the words   that rained    from the voice of the teacher,
Made him soaking wet, not only his body but also his heart.

The humble, efficient Gardner snatched   the letter from the teacher’s hands,
Hugged   the paper as if it was his life    and sobbed so loudly, as if his heart will break.
The head mistress made him sit on a reluctant chair   and offered him a cup of tea,
And told, “This essay was evaluated by all the teachers and every one gave it ten out of ten.”

WE have decided that among the thousands of essays written for mother’s day,
In this school   , this is the best and the entire management of the school  ,
Have unanimously decided to have Ganga Ram     as the chief guest   on the mother’s day,
And we have decided that a father can also become a mother due to his love and dedication.

We of the   school are proud that   apart from a great gardener, we also have a greatest parent,
WE would like   to    write    under each teacher and students    signature   the following.
“Oh Ganga Ram, you not only nurtured   our garden very well, but you   saw to it,
That the costliest flower that was given by your wife to you never fades   but always blooms.”

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