Friday, April 27, 2018

Daughter’s role in satisfying our Pithrus

Daughter’s role  in satisfying   our  Pithrus 


THarpanam for a person is done

Their son, (Pitha  and Matha)
Their son’s son, (Pitha maha   and Pitha mahi)
Their son’s   grand son (Prapitha maha , Prapitha  mahi)

And also

Daughter’son, (Matha  maha , Matha mahi)
Son’s  daughter’s son,(Mathru  pitha maha , Mathru Pitha mahi)
Grand son’s daughter’s son(Mathru  prapitha maha  , Mathru prapitha  mahi)

   This shows   how important daughter’s are in taking care of the needs  of family  Pithrus .In fact, when our great grand son’s daughter’s  son does  tharpanam for us , possibly he   would be the  only person to do tharpanam for us

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