Saturday, June 10, 2017

A social worker meets a thief

A  social worker meets a   thief

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(Translated from Bhanu Ravi’s posting. Thanks to you.)

One middle aged    social worker   was  returning home,
And he was stopped a very young lad holding a knife ,
And demanded  his purse   and the social worker ,
Did not hesitate  for a moment and gave  his purse to him.

The  young thief started   running away from there  ,
And the social worker   called him back and told him,
“It is  very  cold outside and so please  take my coat  and wear it,
And the thief told him,” I am not able   to understand you.”

The social worker  told him, “You seem to be  very hungry,
And if you are  agreeable   we would go  and eat some food in a hotel nearby,
And also   seeing you  rising your  life itself   for a few hundred rupees,
I feel you are   in a very deep trouble  and let us discuss it over a cup of tea.”

The thief was utterly   confused   and went to a hotel nearby,
And all the employees   as well as manager respected the social worker ,
And seeing this the thief asked , Why so much respect to you, do you own it?”
But the social worker smiled  and told, “I came here  often   and  they all know me.”

The thief watched him behaving   with great politeness   with even the waiter,
And wondered  why, and the social  worker told  , “I was  taught in my school like that,
Were you not?” and the thief said  , “Ofcourse  but I thought it was   all humbug”
And when the  bill was presented , the social worker  asked for his purse   so that he can pat,

The Thief did not run away  and then the   social worker told  him,
“Somehow I like your knife , would you sell it to me ?”  and thieffdid sell it,
And without taking the purse   took leave    of the social worker and told him,
“You have changed me   and now on  I would prefer to starve  than rob.”
And this is a real story   of Mr Julio dias     , who lived  in USA  and teaches us,
That  any one  who thinks  about problems of others    than   his own problems,

Who always speaks  sweetly  and who never break down  would find world his oyster .”

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