Saturday, June 17, 2017

How Do I wish a father’s day to him who is my father ?

How   Do I wish  a father’s day   to him who is my father  ?


Oh father , you  are    the head of  our    household  ,
For you   are the one who had  taken  care of it , all  your  life.

I would like   to wish  you  a happy  Father’s day , but

You were short tempered   and  quarrelsome
You punished  me  as you were very strict and shouted  at me ,
You were    very adamant  and  you were  very   rough
And  you  did  not  seem  to have  any love for me  in you  at all.

  I  know  the distance   of my  connection  with  my mother,
Is the length  of the umbilical   chord.
But what about the distance  between me and   the heart of  my  father?,
Should it be measured  in kilo meters  or light   years?

Mother’s love is  the truth, it is her power of endurance,
And there  is no stain  or scar  or shortcoming in it.
But my   father  appeared  to me   only  as a machine    without love ,
Who is interested  only in earning money for us and bragging about it daily.

Is  he the one who does not know how to laugh,
Is he  the one    who does not know  how   to crack jokes?
Is he the one  who stares   at me  when I   spend money?
Is he the one who chides me  and beats me   at home?

Oh , What nonsense I am telling about my father , on  this day , which is his day!

He is rain  at home   , which ensured me a  future cool climate ,
He  walked in sun and   his sweat  was my     future   health,
His  anger and adamancy  was  my  future  good life,
His  roughness   lead me in to   a good path of  bright future,
His  day and night work    lead me   to this  high income.

Hiding his  love silently  he     used to stare  at  me,
If we were sick, it was he      who used  to take me  to  the hospital,
He  was the plank    that used  to bind  my  arms  when there  was a fracture,
It was he who would put  me   in school  ,
And it was he who was   my yesterday’s light   and my  today’s path.

Who is there  in the world  who without getting anything ,
Had spent most of his life   towards the welfare   of his family?
What is there  in the world which is substitute  for father’s love?
Knowingly or unknowingly in most houses  father becomes a sob.

After   working extremely hard   all his life till health permits,
And after   establishing   all his children in good positions,
When he   wants to take  rest, I should  not even disturb  him by  my  loud talk,
I  should know his  needs and spare  no effort   to look after  him well .

I should  not allow the luster   in those  eyes  to  ever fade away,
I should  not allow     his pretty smile    ever to vanish from his face ,
I  should  not ever  allow his  hope   to fade  till  he  moves away,
To the security of God’s  hands  , oh my father , oh my father

Even if  I tell  millions of times   “  A very happy father’s day “
Would  I ever be able   to compensate ever , his sacrifices  and love,
Even If I hug him  now , He would say, I have become old , so do not crush me “with a laugh,
Even When I invite him  for a five star  dinner, he would say,
“I have been eating   only curd rice  daily  for dinner   for  the past  ten years,
Even If I buy  a great present , He would say  , “What  will I do  with this in heaven”
And then I would  ask him, “What  do you  want , pa?”
He would smilingly say, “Your love and care  till I breath my last.”

Please  tell me , “Would million tonnes of love   ever compensate him?”

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