Tuesday, June 20, 2017

To get rid of all germs in your home , switch off the TV

To get rid of  all germs  in your home  , switch off  the TV


(Based on the posting by Kesavan  Sivaramakrishnan. Thanks to him)  

I got up one morning   and  I went  to brush  my teeth,
Suddenly    some one with  a white coat   and mini beard,
Jumped from the  inside the  wash basin    asked me  “Would  the paste ,
You are using  kill  the germs in your  teeth , ours   ,
Would   do    for  a period   of twelve  hours, you please know.”

I moved   to   the  bath room  to use   the  toilet  and suddenly,
An ex-cinema actor appeared there  and asked me whether ,
The commode   is really  clean or not   when I blinked,
He sprayed  some thing   and  pulled the chain of flush tank ,
And told me “Sir, You look, how clean and how neat  it is now?”

Later   when  I wanted to wash my hand   some little one jumped ,
There  with a bottle   and showed me   by a blue  light,
That  my hand   was full of germs   and  what I need,
Is the new liquid soap   which will   wash away   all  those germs?”

I some how escaped from him   and another  one with a blue light,
Showed me how my hands    were   reeking in germs   and how,
I will   get sick , if I use that    liquid soap    and requested me,
To use   their latest  brand  of anti septic  lotion,
And he also told  me, “I can    save lot   of water by this technique.

Some how   after managing   to avoid   pestering   that gent,
When I was  about to go to the   bathroom to take a bath,
A skimpily   clad   lady was  standing   at the door   and told me,
“That the soap  she had would only  kill all  ten types  of germs”  .
When I somehow managed   to avoid all those ladies ,
And went to take  my  coffee , Another lady  , who appeared,
Never  to have entered any kitchen  and was   telling my wife,
“You  know this bar, It would clean and also kill all germs.”

Then I thought if I am not able to drink my coffee ,
Let me have a glass  of water  and  an engineer like chap,
Held my hand  and showed   me again by blue light,
That the water   that  I  was about to drink  was full of germs and recommended ,
His great  Ultra violet   filter   which would  kill all germs.

With lots and lots   of great difficulties  I wanted to dress,
For going to office   and one lady from   some where ,
Appeared  snatched   all my cloths   and showed me  ,
How full of germs they were  and gave me a free  sample,
Of  her  product which would   make my cloths   germ free.

After  some how edging her off   , when I   went to the living room,
A  man in suit  smiling all over  was teaching  my wife  ,
How the floor   was full of germs   and the only way,

To get rid of all of them was a cup full of liquid he had in his hand.

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