Monday, June 5, 2017

Each one of you live your own life

Each one of you live  your own life

Thirumuruga  Kripananda  Vaariar

Translated by

(This great savant   specialised  in teaching the unread   and the ignorant . If  in spite of atheist  principles  of the rulers  of Tamil Nadu,  if still religion flourishes   among the ordinary people  of Tamil Nadu. It is   due to great people like   him ,   who made  lofty principles   simple to learn .My Anantha koti Namaskarams   to this great  Guru. .I have borrowed the image from Bhanu Ravi’s post. Thans

An ant   does not want to lead life of butterfly,
No dog has become  jealous of the life lead by a lion,
An elephant does not  want to live like a bird which flies.
A crow, hearing the song of a koel , does not want to sing like him.
A granite stone is  not like a god’s statue,
A cot   is not like a chair,
A fruit of a tree   is l not like  any other   fruit of the  same tree,
A child  born to the same  mother   does not resemble any of his siblings,
The body of a male  is not like that of a female
Today is  never like yesterday
Every living being leads its own life
Then why  only you are   jealous?
Why are you comparing yourself with others?
Why are you alone always wailing?
Why  are you sad?
Why are suffering due to jealousy?
Your life   is special,
You cannot sleep the other person’s sleep,
You can eat to satiate   the hunger of others,

You cannot live   the other person’s life

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