Friday, June 23, 2017

Ramu cursed the God for a bad day and God answered.

 Ramu  cursed the God for  a bad day  and God answered.


(Based on a message in Whatsapp.My a thanks to the unknown writer)

Ramu  used to daily   wake up , pray god  ,
And then  do all his duties   one after another,
But one day   , he forgot    to pray   God,
And all through the day  , everything was  bad.

That night   mulling over things that  happened  to him.
He went to his bed room    and saw   the image  of God there,
He shouted at  that God , “I daily    salute   you  as soon as I wake up,
But today  I did not do it and you  punished  me so much,
I am bidding bye   to you    for ever    and ever.”

Then the God in his   room asked  ,” Son that is bad,
For all throughout    the day   I was only   doing good  to you”

Ramu was    furious   at that  God who was    telling a lie,
“I woke  up lae te today  and the tyre  of my byke  was punctured,
I  caught a bus  which met with an accident   and I reached office one hour late .
So  i  was late   to go to canteen  for lunch   and I did not get anything there,
I had applied   for a personal loan  and was expecting a  call from them,
I got their call  but since charge  of the battery   of my cell phone was over ,
I could not talk to them and I just   wanted    to relax for   some time,
By seeing the TV   in air conditioned    room  but  AC   was not working,
And I am fed up with life  today and do you  mean to say  ,
All these are  punishments    for forgetting     to salute you.”

God loudly laughed    and started   talking    to him, “According to your Karma,
It is a very bad day for you and when you were  sleeping  God of death  ,
Came in search of you   and I argued    with and some how   sent him back,
And  to  do this I had no other   option except    to make   t you sleep late.
It was fated that  a van losing control over  its break   was supposed to dash,
At your byke   and kill you at the spot and so I made your buke not waork,
In Your canteen  when they were about to close   a  dead lizard fell in Sambar,
And so to save you  , I some how managed  to see  that you wont get food there,
And I knew that person who promised   you loan was   cheating you ,
And I saw to it that   your phone does not work the   entire day  so that  you are safe,
There   was a short circuit in your AC machine and it would have   exploded   and killed  you,
And so I saw   to it  that o it was not working. Did I do anything wrong  ,
For your act of   not saluting me  , as soon as  you wolw up?”

Ramu started crying    and  begged    for God’s pardon and God said,
“Do not ask for my pardon . Have faith in me   and remember   always,
My planning   would be much more   perfect    than yours .God be with you.”

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