Sunday, June 25, 2017

How we live together is more important than how long

How we  live together  is more important than how long


(based on the  post of  my friend Rajagopalan Srinivasan )

Husband and wife should be  like milk and water,
For when  water is poured  in milk , it merges  with it,
For when milk   and water   are heated   till all water  goes out,
The Milk   rises    up  in great  anger   and once water is put back,
The milk  gets pacified , as it has  got back  his wife ,
But if no one pours water   in to the boiling milk  ,
It would ebb  out and  put  out the fire of the stow
Proving that the family fire  would   be put out ,
Once  the  husband   and  wife  are  not in a mixed state.

The spring   of life , is when they both understand this,

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