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The tears of a mother would not hurt

The tears  of a mother would not hurt .

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Sanjeevan  P Eachur

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Ramu  and  Sita   were  shocked  to know,
That  Ramu’s mother  had escaped  from  her old age home,
Where   they had   admitted  her as Sita  hated her,
AS  she did not   want   to see  her face again.

Since Ramu and   Sita   were  just  then going ,
To hospital   for delivery  of their  first child,
Ramu told her that   they would  go   to hospital,
Get admitted there  , so that  the old woman cannot find  them.

After Sita    was admitted    around night they both   were shocked,
To hear the voice  of the mother  Of Ramu , who had come there,
And she begged   Ramu to give  her  just one opportunity to see her grand son,
And she promised   them that afterwards  she would go back to her old  age home.

When they were  discussing  and Ramu was   dragging  his mother  from there,
Sita’s labour  pain started  and she told Ramu   that   she does not want     the hag,
To see   their child   as she will cast   evil  on the child   but Ramu  could not,
Get his mother  removed   from there due to prescence  of many of his friends.

A son was born to them and Ramu’s  mother was    in the seventh heaven ,
After   she  with lot of difficulty had a  glimpse  of her grand son.
Though Sita   and Ramu   was shouting   at her   all the time ,  that old mother ,
Fondled   the new born baby and  helped   Sita  in looking after  him,

After two days  Sita firmly told    Ramu that , her mother should go out,
Otherwise  she   would  Kill herself   there  itself   and this was heard by  that poor mother.
And that  evening   the new born baby  of Sita  disappeared     and  she started crying,
And the hospital  informed police   and their room was   full  of a huge crowd.

At  that time Ramu’s mother  told every one   in loud voice , “There  is no need to search  for the baby,
As  here he is as   I had only hidden him    from his mother    for   a little time”
Sita Cursed , “You old hag how can you ever think of separating my baby  from me,
The curse  of  my tears    would make   you  roll  in hell   for a long time to come.”

Then Ramu’s mother told, “Daughter  ,  I  knew it was a sin  and I knew that  you would curse me,
It is a great sin  to remove the  baby   from his mother  who carried him for ten months,
But   have you ever thought  that you  stole away my Baby , whom I gave birth, nurtured,
And whom I love   as much as my soul   by putting me  in old age home so that  I am away from him.”

The crowd  started   cursing   Sita   and Ramu , and Ramu’s mother  saw  Ramu crying ,
And she told him, “My darling son do not cry   and I would go to my old  age home immediately.
But please understand that   similar   thing    would happen to you  and then  both,
Of you  would become  miserable   and possibly   understand  me   much better.”

Ramu did not bother   that  it was  the floor  of the hospital.
Ana a   huge   crowd was   seeing  him with great  aversion,
And  that Sita was  pitiably  looking at him with a beseeching eyes,
And fell   at the feet  of his mother  and told   her  ,

“From now on wherever   you stay   is my   home..”

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