Monday, June 26, 2017

Each person understands you, according to his nature.

Each person understands you, according  to his nature.


(This story posted by my friend   Athreya Gothram Bairava  Ramani , brings home a great truth. Thanks to  him)

One man did great  thapas   and made   god appear before him,
And when God   did   appear God asked  him, what do you want?”
The man replied  , when other  human beings   come near me ,
I should be   able   to  read   all their thoughts” God said  fine and disappeared.

After   a month  that  man again  made God  appear  before him,
And asked, “ Please  take back    the power that you gave  me the other day.”
God asked “Why son?” . He replied  “No one is liking me , Some think I  am a liar,
Some think I am mad, some  think I am jealous   and so on , I am not able  to bear it.”

God said, “Close   your eyes  tight   and lie   down below  this Banyan tree and observe”
He did like that, First a drunkard    came there   that he was   lying there  due to  drinks,
One thief came  “Oh a thief who  robbed   all night  and  getting prepared to rob today,”
One saint came and he thought”A great saint   and he must be  in Samadhi”

God then came   and told that  man,  “Did you not observe  that each one,
Who came here  understood according    to his nature   and thought  process,
And this would mean that  each person would understand you   as per his mind,
And so do not bother, Travel in your path with courage and you will win.”

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