Monday, June 12, 2017

Do not touch these five and drive them out

Do not  touch these five and drive  them out


(The great Tamil  poet defines Dharma as that  life without  Jealousy  , desire, anger   and undesirable words. Adhi Sankara   says 

Passion, anger  , and avarice  live  ,
Within you    as robbers ,
For stealing  the gem of wisdom,
And so please   wake up  , wake up.

And my friend  Anatha Narayanan in his post says it is  desire, anger , miserliness  , pride and jealousy  (Kama, Krodha, lobha , Madha and Mathsaya)  are  the five great sins  to be treated as untouchables   to attain God

Other preachers   of Hindu Dharma   ask us to avoid  Kama, Ktodha, Lobha  , MOha  , Madha and Mathsarya

. This small write  up has borrowed ideas  of treating them as untouchable   from my friend  . Thank you my friend)

Consider   desire  as an untouchable  ,
Because  once we   desire   any thing  ,
Our mind would always be thinking about it,
And  due to that  we would  never   think of God

Consider   Anger   as an  untouchable  ,
Because   every bout of anger  would make us sorry,
And the entire angry  mind   would be busy being  furious,
And due to that     we would never    think   of God.

Consider  miserliness     as an untouchable,
Because   being miser we  would always be busy,
IN finding out  how to avoid  needed expenditure  and how to earn without spending,
And due to that    we would   never   think of God

Consider    passion as   an untouchable  ,
Because   once    we are   caught  in its net,
Our mind and soul  will always  be after  that emotion,
And due to that   we would never think of God.

Consider   Pride    as an untouchable  ,
For our mind would be busy  in finding reasons for us to be great.,
AS well   as   finding fault with real greatness  as only we  should be great,
And due to that   we would   never   think of God

Consider  Jealousy    as an untouchable ,
Which makes  us  sad if  any one  else  lives happily,
And always berating us   that   we are  not  up to the mark,
And due to that   we would never   think of God.

Make these untouchables to go away from you,
So that   we lead   a great life    as ordained by Dharma ,
And are   able    to go near    the     great God,
When we are alive   and also  after death.

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