Friday, June 16, 2017

You are great not because of your status but by your vision

You are great  not because  of your status  but by your vision


(Based o the  posting of Rajagopal  Srinivasan  in face book. My thanks to him.)

A huge  hawk   was  flying on the   sky,
Thinking  about  his greatness and strength.
It thought  about its    huge   talons   and  teeth,
And   its   razor sharp sight  covering miles  and miles.

It was  seeing the  animals that   were  moving on the land with great  contempt,
And also happened   to see   a huge elephant   walking slowly.
And then its laugh  became   very loud   and was  heard by the  elephant,
And The elephant   with eyes  full of confusion stared  at the hawk.

Then the hawk roared “It is said that  you are very strong ,
Very huge   and very powerful among all animals   that move on land,
And I am not able to understand  why so many adjectives,
To you   who is born and going to walk   and die on the land.

The elephant calmly told  . “True  I live  in the land  ,
But my eyes   are   always   are  looking above to the heaven,
And true  You are   flying always   in the sky   but,
Your eyes   always   search for corpses  on the land.”

“Our greatness   does not consist    of  High above we are,
But  it depends   solely  on  our   vision  to matters high,
And  because   of    your pride  that  you are  great , you are low,
And because   of my humility   and Vision I am greater,”

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