Sunday, June 4, 2017

Three idlis can fill a stomach but no wealth can fill our pride

Three idlis can fill a stomach but   no wealth  can fill our pride

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(  I have only rewritten and  translated   the great post  of  my facebook friend  Ravi R. My thanks to him.)

A very rich man who had prominent status in life.
Was arrested   for illegally  amassing of  four thousand crores.
And he was  produced   before   a   very prominent  Judge,
And the judge    felt   that  rich man    was very hungry.

He ordered   for   four Idlis from a  nearby great hotel ,
Well known for its    great  quality   of Idlis  and offered,
To that rich man  and that  poor rich  man in spite of liking it,
And in spite   of great  hunger , could  eat only three  idlis,

The judge asked   him why he   did  not  anfd he said ,” his stomach is full,”
And the Judge  told  him , “the needs  of a human beings  are very less,
And  three  Idlis filled your stomach  but  you have illegally  amassed,
Four thousand crores, just to feed your   avarice    and pride.”

“Unlike  your body parts , even if you earn forty thousand c rores,
Your pride   would   still be famished and you will crave   for more.”
Let us all understand that   what we need  is  quarter kg food,
And  two or three  meters of cloth and so let   us  leave out this foolishness of satiating  our pride”

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