Friday, June 9, 2017

Wail of a lady waiting a long time to become a mother

Wail  of a   lady  waiting  a long time   to become a mother


(  I have added   few lines   to  the post   of my friend  Manikandan  Seetharaman . With eyes full of  tears   I felt   that to be born  as a lady  , sometimes is cursed .)

After  my marriage  and before  my honey moon  ,
My mother   told me in secret  , being him or her   within a year,
I only   smiled   as we both    wanted   to enjoy  the life  of togatherness,
Times  passed  ,  we did celebrate   our   second anniversary  ,
And slowly  in the corner of my mind  , there was a speck   of sorrow,
That   he or she   has  still not  heralded   their arrival,
Both our parents     were   becoming   worried   about your not coming .
But   they told with each other  , after all she is young  ,let her enjoy,
Another   two years passed   and  we both  went   to a great doctor  ,
Who examined   all that  was needed told us   with confidence,
That   everything with   all right   with both   of us and we returned with cheer.

Some more   years   ran with  the speed of  a jet plane 
And now

When those three   days  are  slightly postponed
I would ebb with joy    that   you only   have  come,
I would loosen the    petticoat   thinking  that  it would pain you,
And  often I used   to catch my petticoat  thinking  it may slip,
I would wear only   cotton saris thinking , others  may cause more heat to you,
Love making   was s a  pleasant meditation   making your body and  mind  become one,
But instead   of enjoying that pleasant feeling  I would  be thinking  within myself,
Whether   you would have   formed already   to make me happy.

My belly button  reminds me of my mother ,
It also reminds me that  , still I have  not become a mother,
AS of now   my belly becomes   full   only   by food,
But  I am waiting for a time   when it becomes   full with you.
Come , come my darling  , I do not want to carry   food  within me  anymore  ,
I want to carry you  , Please tell me where you are   and when you are going to come,

If any one   tells    “Oh mother  “, I am reminded   only of you,
When I am nearing    forty my   mind   and heart  are beating fast  ,
I am feeling    angry with my mother   that    she carried me,
Who  am not able    to carry you    at this time
I  am happy that  I did not give my mother  the pain that   you are giving me,
Are you not my child, Please do not give me pain  of your absence   to me ,
Even if a little blood only is left   to make my heart beat,
I would   make   an egg  out of that   blood   and would be waiting for you ,

My darling    where    are   you , please do come.

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