Friday, June 30, 2017

GST -illustrated by BIRTHDAY business

GST  -illustrated by  BIRTHDAY  business


(( Based on a whatsapp message  I received. Thanks to the anonymous  author)

Suppose  it is my son’s   birthday tomorrow,
I buy sweets   to  give to all  the children in his class,
And  gave it  to your son    for proper distribution,
And next day morning    we all  wish him birthday .

He   starts to his school after  that  and his  classmate Tintu,
And his mother who are our neighbours meet him at our gate ,
And he dutifully  gives them one    sweet each  and when he  reaches,
The school  , he gives  one sweet to his   security  uncle at the gate.

Then he  distributes  one sweet  each to  his teacher ,
And all his class mates  making  them all happy,
But his best friend Gaurav  was absent  that day,
So Tintu gets   two sweets   and Gaurav no sweet.

Let us look  this distribution    as  his business,
The sweet is the tax that  he pays, What we  gave,
To Tintu and  his mother   is the local tax,
What he  gave to security  uncle  at gate  is security tax,
What he gave to teacher  and class mates  is service tax,
The addition sweet   that  Tintu got  is the sur charge .

When school principal    came   to know of his business,
Where some one gets two   and some one nothing ,
He introduced   a new rule   in the school  that,
All sweets   are to be given to him for distribution

AND    THIS     IS     GST

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