Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Compensation –then and now

Compensation –then and now


   ( “Then” based  on a story from a  book called  AAnmeega  Kalanchiyam(Spiritual  collection )

A king   went to hunt in the   forest ,
And from a distance he saw   some  being on a tree,
And he   shot  and killed   it   with great ease,
But the being happened   to be a young man.

The king’s servants   summoned   his parents,
Who  were  living in poor conditions in a hut,
And since   their young    son was  their only support,
They cried  and cried a lot, and felt  very sad.

The king   felt bad  that  he has  killed  that young man,
And offered to look after  his parents but they refused,
And then the king removed   all the jewellery that he wore,
And   kept it on  a plate   and in another  he kept his sword.

He told them, “Either  take all  my ornaments  or kill me”,
And then the lad’s father  told , “If we take your jewelleries,
WE would be   insulting our  son by  selling  him at a price fixed by you,,
And if we  kill you, our son  would be sad  that the  country had lost a good king”. And went away.

And now :-

But  nowadays  some rushing   bus  kills  some one,
In a political Tamasha   many people    die,
A  train derails   and kills many  for no fault of the driver or the Government,

And  the only thing  the parents of deceased want  is a compensation in cash.

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