Thursday, June 1, 2017

View sorrows through glasses of joy

View   sorrows through glasses of joy 

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(This very positive message is a translation of a  face book  posting by  sri Murali Venkatramani . my face book friend)

One   great gentle man  with great sorrow  wrote  in his diary,
“Last   year my gall  bladder   was removed,
And I was under treatment   for a long long time,
AS I completed   sixty years of age , I had to retire from service,
My  father    died and my son  was involved ,
In an accident   and could not  write  the medical  entrance test.,
I do not think I   have  undergone such a bad  year  , anytime my life”
And then  he cried   for some time  and  slept.

His wife   who had   gone out   and saw her husband sleeping,
And read   all  that   he wrote   in his diary with great sorrow.
On the opposite page  of the same  diary    she wrote,
“Due to  stone in gall bladder  , I was  undergoing great pain,
And the doctors    removed   it  and I am  leading a  painless life,
I was   daily   doing very hard work and used  to get   very tired,
And during the year  I attained sixty years of age  and retired,
And I am  now peaceful and I spend my time happily  reading and praying,
My father   who had  a fruitful life up to 95  reached   the feet of God,
Getting   great peace   from the life  that had become a burden to him,
My son  escaped   without much injury   due to the   grace  of God  ,
And he is thankful to God and is  preparing for  next year’s entrance  with great vigour.
I think that   I have to thankful  to God for giving me such a happy Sterling  year.”

She then engaged  herself in her cooking work  and  her husband  who woke up,
Read what   she had  written and became happy  and expressed his thanks to her.”

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